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Connexion Groups





As a “family connecting families to Christ,” we believe that real connections and real discipleship happens in smaller settings. So we encourage our members to meet throughout the week in small “ConneXion Groups.” These small groups, ranging across various age groups, usually number 8-10 people, and meet weekly to study a Bible passage and answer the below questions.

We currently have groups meeting on Sunday mornings at 9:30AM and at various members’ houses throughout the week.  You can call the church for more information or help in choosing a group.

1) What headline(s) might you assign to the studied passage?
2) What does each chapter teach us about God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)?
3) What commands, prohibitions, exhortations or principles are fond in the passage?
4) What does this passage say about sin, salvation or Christian living? What changes need to be made?
5) How are you encouraged or convicted by this passage?
6) How can you use this passage to disciple someone else this week?

Click here to see the weekly schedule of upcoming Bible passages to be discussed.

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